Newberg Township, Cass County


The Newberg Township Board of Review for March 2021 will be held by electronic remote access, unless by the dates of the March Board of Review meetings it becomes lawful under state agency rules for an indoor in-person public meeting to be held. Electronic remote access, in accordance with Michigan law, will be implemented in response to COVID-19 social distancing requirements and limitations on the number of individuals in an indoor public gathering.


If in-person public meetings become a lawful option, then the meeting will be held both in person at the  Newberg Township Hall, 13020 Born Street, Jones, Michigan and via electronic remote access.


The public may participate in the meeting through electronic remote access via Zoom access by computer, smart phone/device using the following link: www.zoom.com

Meeting ID: 8479841317

Password: newberg

The public may also participate by landline phone or cell phone by calling into this toll-free number:

(929) 205-6099, passcode 5127641


The township will post the information confirming whether the March BOR will meet in person at the township hall and the township’s website.


The Newberg Township March Board of Review will meet on the following dates:


  • Monday, March 8th, 2021, 9 am – 6 pm
  • Thursday, March 11th, 2021, 6 pm – 9 pm


By board resolution, taxpayers are able to protest by letter.  To mail protests, mail to 51951 M 40, Marcellus, Michigan 49067, or email to shalicen@gmail.com .  Mail in protests must be received by noon, March 11th.  Please call 269-587-0208 to make an appointment to appeal.


The tentative ratios and the estimated multipliers for each class of real property and personal property for 2021 are as follows:

*Agricultural …………52.98%. …….. .9438

*Commercial…………52.14%. …….. .9590

*Residential………….50.13%. …….. .9974

*Industrial…………….48.53%. ……1.0303

*Personal Property…50.00%. ……. 1.0000


Americans With Disabilities (ADA) Notice

The Township will provide necessary reasonable services to individuals with disabilities at the Board of Review meetings upon 3 days notice.  Contact: Shalice Northrop, 269-587-0208